The Intro to our core beliefs. Today we see the theories of the past played out in our current existence. Ideas of human origins as far as we know can be traced back to the Darwinian creation theory, which set the stage for the mentalities of later thinkers and the societies they influenced. This ladder depicts a distinct and direct climb from a place of disorder to a state of order (the opposite of most scriptures including biblical), from a place of ignorance/ instinct to a place of reason and logic. Basically this is the idea that as a race we have moved from a less conscious to a far more conscious state. In histories climb we have found that MAN sits atop the ladder at the threshold of god and all things including women, children, animals, plants and the earth itself fall behind usually in descending order. Depending on the time period not all men fall into the MAN category rather particular groups/ races hold that right. One of the founding fathers of philosophy Francis Bacon would go on to engrave these completely false notions into the fabric and structure of society. He proposed that mans god given right is to control and use any aspect of our natural world for nothing more than his own benefit. In doing so he banished all forms of mythology stating reason is the only true religion therefore it is what religion itself should be based on. These ideas formed and inspired the early royal societies of Europe. From there the ideas were engraved into the consciousness of all who opposed the ideas through 5000 yrs of witch hunts, theft, tortue and other unspeakable barbarisms throughout the world. Anthropology and archeology state that a minimum of 5 million indigenous people per land mass were murdered, 95% of which were woman and children posing little to no threat at all and having committed no physical crimes. This figure does not include any of the small groups of men fighting against this spread of oppression. Through this time the natural and divine laws studied and lived by for centuries were destroyed (literally and figuratively). As a result we have seen a drastic decline in physical mental and spiritual health in almost every influenced land. Previous to this people from every land mass of the globe, with no forms of communication mind you, believed and followed the same sets of divine and natural laws only varying from region to region in a geographical stand point. These cultures (many of which still exist) believed reality in its definition is not completely objective rather subjective in nature. This means there is a realm that is more important than the objective physical realm that governs all mechanical and chemical functions of the physical world. The indigenous call it the dream time, quantum physics calls it the imiginal realm but regardless of its name it is real and is the sole reason we struggle to find happiness and true fruition in life. Without the practices of these concepts natural and divine laws we are creating culture outside of the realm of reality which can only lead us into a illusory distracted existence. So I ask you how does a people function or “progress” from living completely separate from that of its origins and how can one believe any aspect of our lives is truly purposeful or culturally sound when the laws of our cultures almost never coincide with that of our planet? We are a team of naturalists and This is our mission, to give back the knowledge power and understandings of our ancestry so that a lost past confused presence and fearful future is no longer what guilds our lives, spirits and journeys as eternal beings. No matter what you believe we know in our hearts there is something of our past that can help to clarify your present experiences so that our future generations can have a fighting chance at success in life and success is not defined by material wealth it is defined by the character traits and power as a spirit you will gain and take with you back to our eternal existence. So from all who are connected to the family of each one teach one and any who may join us on our search for reality in the future, welcome to the family we love you and support you on your journey.

Organic Collective

"When it is all over and it is time to move on you will then see the ripples of our hand in this pond."